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Cozy and Friendly Bear Bar in a relaxed atmosphere.
Here you can meet your friends and make new ones too.
Everybody is welcome!

DJ on Weekends
2x1 Happy Hour

Here you will find a special selection of Gin, Wines, Craft Beers

Featured Event

BEARS WEEK - MAY 25 to 29

There will be 5 nights celebrating Bear Pride, with the presence of 5 amazing djs, including our super special guest: Dj Fake Plastic. 🐻
Come celebrate with us from the 25th to the 29th of May... entry is free and the DJs start playing from 10pm! 🎶

Shelter's Resident DJ


DJ Kkubb

Shelter’s resident DJ since the night it all began, his sets are versatile enough to make anyone travel in space and time. With influences marked by the house music of the end of the 90s, bets mainly on a very own style supported in the nudisco, a style little known of the great public, taking advantage to touch the classics with a very own twist. The end of his sets is dedicated to all those who like a more industrial and electro sound.

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